Counseling Services

Together we get farther

Together we get farther

Traci W. Pirri treats each client individually, working with them to develop a treatment plan that works best for them. She believes in treating each client with respect and caring, building on the strengths that are already present and developing skills for coping, relationship building, emotional regulation, and mood management. Traci W. Pirri has worked with clients from all backgrounds and abilities. Her balance of holistic treatment and sound mental health knowledge ensure that you are in good hands.

 In Office/On Site Services:

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Relationship Recovery

For provisionally-licensed clinicians (LCSW and LPC), as well as support for ongoing use of Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Treatment


Online Services include:

Individual Therapy

Therapy via video-conferencing is not appropriate for everyone, but might be a good fit if…
1. You are comfortable with the format.
2. You like/need the flexibility.
3. Your mental health is stable enough.
4. You want do not want to use insurance (at this time, insurance companies generally do not cover on-line services).
5. Your work/travel schedule would require breaks in services that you would like to avoid.
6. You reside in either Texas or North Carolina.
(Traci Pirri is licensed in both of these states and, therefore, able to provide services to these residents only).
If interested, great! Contact Traci


Traci PIrri facilitates corporate and mental health trainings on location. She has provided trainings in the Raleigh-Durham and surrounding areas, as well as presenting out of state for Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trainings and for national audiences such as the Indian Health Services’ National Behavioral Health Conference. Please contact Traci Pirri for conference/training availability.

Typical training topics include…

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Stress Management
Leadership Development
Motivational Leadership
Sexual Misconduct in Children
Parenting Foster/Adoptive Children
Improving Communication

Or simply ask and a training can be tailored specific to your needs.


She specializes in treating:

Trauma and PTSD Anxiety or Fears
Depression Relationship Issues
Child or Adolescent Issues Divorce
Healing from Domestic Abuse or Violence Infertility or Adoption
Loss or Grief Parenting
Personality Disorders Sexual Acting Out and Problem Behaviors
Veteran Issues  Stress


Client Focus:

All Genders

Any Religious Orientation

Gay/Lesbian Expertise

Any Ethnicity

Ages: Child, Adolescent, Adult