LCSW Supervision

LCSW Supervision

​Are you looking for the skills to ​heal complex trauma and adoption issues? ​​LCSW Supervision helps new clinicians ​guide adults and children towards healing, trusting relationships, and a life worth living. ​Also, it prepares you for the business side of building a successful practice. ​You can (& should) ​enjoy the work you do while supporting a comfortable, secure lifestyle. After years of my own trial and error, as well as some pretty great ​experiences with EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Ego State and attachment work, I am eager to share some of what I have learned. I am passionate about this work & love helping others discover their own path as therapists.


Here, ​we tailor your learning 100% to you. You benefit from ease of scheduling, ability to meet virtually, and really hone in on your own clinical skills.

Individual supervision is $90 per hour paid at each session.

Fine Tune & celebrate your growth at your own pace

Individual supervision involves direct feedback, development and implementation of your individual goals, and one-on-one celebration of your progress towards competency & success ​in your practice.

Group + Individual

​Group supervision takes place 2x month. Here you ​benefit from not only ​my experience​, but also those of your peers. Then 1x month, at your convenience, we meet one-on-one.

Group + Individual Packages are $225/month paid at the beginning of the month.

Learn, stretch, and grow, grow, grow!

Group involves a mixture of case presentation/feedback, exam prep, practice skill-building, and continuing education...everything you need to build confidence in yourself as a clinician.

Private Practice Building

For those of you with some clinical experience already under your belt, I also have office space available where you can begin building your practice systems while working towards licensure. You would work as a contractor with supervision as a perk of employment. This is a great way to lean into a private practice career. 

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